Burglar alarm

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Purpose of burglary

A burglar has the aim to detect an intrusion and signaling through siren or lights. Through a thorough intrusion alarm system minimizes the risk of burglary very strong.

Best combines your intrusion security system with a control center which monitors the alarm and handled.

Your alarm system should immediately respond to any attempted burglary. It is important that your alarm system is easy to use and extremely reliable. Longevity is an additional requirement.


A burglar alarm consists of three main components:

  • Various detection means
  • A central collected all data and controls do
  • dissuasive signaling devices such as sirens and flashing lights

The system must be protected so that it is accessible only to authorized persons. The detection must respond before one of the rooms or the property can be accessed.
When the system goes into alarm is triggered, a local siren which deters burglars and makes flights.

Generally, the alarm will also be redirected to another location, for example to contacts or to an emergency room.