Fire alarm

Fire is very misleading.

At the most unexpected moments you may be faced with this unexpected danger. Who at that time was not well prepared runs greater risks than those who did everything possible to respond effectively. Good preparation and effective fire prevention reduce the risk of damage and fire in general.

Smoke detectors

The coupling of smoke detectors to an alarm system is a good solution if only a small number of detectors are required.

For a large number of smoke detectors is there a fire alarm is required. Here you go there with a fire alarm sirens not only do their job, but also the telephone report to the central station.
Similarly, there is a succession of the fire alarm when no one is present in the company. The operation of the smoke detectors will be continuously monitored by the fire alarm system.
This thus provides a guarantee for the operation of the entire system.

Choose from the fire alarm

The choice of the panel depends on the number of detectors, the number of fire buttons, the requirements of the local fire commissioner and of course the customer requirements.

We offer a range of a small central for 2 loops to a central uitgebreidde 40 loops and more.

Maintenance of the fire central

Annual monitoring is THE guarantee a properly working system.

With a maintenance contract you are assured of assistance in case of malfunction or technical questions, and you can count on effective solutions and exchange parts. To retain a reliable and well functioning fire installation.