Telephone notifications

There are two possible phone alerts:


A telephone dialer with each alarm (such as burglary, fire, water, …) a number of contacts immediately.

Thanks to increases in value different inputs of the module, a distinction can be made between burglary, fire, flooding, etc …
For example: “Attention, this is an automatic alarm of your company at …, Zone 1”.
Each contact can confirm the call on his phone so there are no other persons be called anymore.

Control room

Protect persons, property and industrial processes means the least suspicious action might signal the beginning of a serious offense. The control room monitors, 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 to detect the smallest detail, interpreting the facts and to immediately give the correct response.
In an emergency we immediately start a rapid sequence of actions and interventions, weighed accurately to avoid serious consequences for people, it belongings.
A code is also payable on the phone you can identify or that you can close and still give a silent alarm, the alarm (for example, hostage).

How does an emergency room?


Someone is trying undesirable for you to enter. Immediately detects your security danger and sends a signal to our monitoring center.


Just a few seconds after our operator verifies the signal. You will be notified immediately.


We can’t reach you? Do not worry, our operator shall immediately notify the contacts that you specify.


Is intervention necessary? Our operator immediately calls the police or a security company (optional), and give you the necessary support in the meantime.

It is advisable to connect your system to our control room. We can also be enabled for additional services such as video surveillance, fire detection, technical alarms, intervention by security guards …