Discover the new business communication server
Each company has its own communication needs: making contact with customers in different ways, in different places and with different devices. Therefore, mobilizing personnel now need a communication solution that addresses the needs and expectations of their customers, any time any where.
By utilising the KX-NSX server, companies can offer perfect overall customer experience by using of new generation communication systems that are tailored to the flexible workforce of today and the increasing demands of the customer. So whether your employees are working at different locations within the building, acquiring new staff, setting up a new office, establishing a help desk starts or allowing employees to work from home, the KX-NSX adapts easily to your needs .
Backup and support when you need it
An automatic system backup is activated, so if the primary unit fails, the secondary unit pick up the service. This provides a very flexible service supporting the critical communication of your company.
By using the cloud service from Panasonic, maintenance and service can be executed remotely, so you can restore the system quickly where you want it and when you want it.

Make sure you’re always there for your customers when they need you.
Communicate with customers wherever you are. Thanks to a wireless system with multiple zones, you can make calls anywhere across multiple devices. You can even switch your desktop phone and a mobile phone during a call.
Connect mobile devices as office devices with the same number, for an efficient management and a seamless customer service. Presence management, chat and video call functions offer more mobility and flexibility.

Merge business communication
Improve efficiency and let users to make unlimited and effective use of resources with the UC Pro-Support provided by Panasonic, video conferencing, a built-in call center function, linking partner applications and much more.
Monitor callers in real time to get insight of local problems and how to fix them. Generate call reports and save them on a remote server in order to uncover new opportunities and improve customer service.

Which communication suits your business?
Regardless of the type of communication that you need for your business, the KX-NSX Series provides Panasonic users a wide range of features and functions tailored to your employees.