Compacte hybride IP-PBX

  • Think out of the boxIdeal for small businesses and home office
  • Built-in Wi-Fi accesspoint
  • Capacity of 6 SIP lines with up to 12 SIP extensions
  • Capacity of 8 analog lines with 24 devices
  • Caller identification, automatic call forwarding, voice mail notification and automated telephonist
  • Conference call features
  • Pager functionalities
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Videoconferencing ability
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Programming and remote maintenance

The compact hybrid of Panasonic IP-PBX KX-HTS32 is tailored to the needs of small businesses and home office.
This multifunctional device has a built-in router and WiFi access point. Not only it can be used  for voice, video and remote communication, but also to set up affordable monitoring and security systems.
It is perfectly compact and cost effective, but also powerful and grows seamlessly with all business requirements in the future. It is the ideal communication platform, which contributes to superior efficiency, productivity and customer service within your organization.

Ultimate flexibility
As a hybrid system with traditional and IP technology, the KX-HTS32 can be used to create a new, dynamic communication solution or can be easily integrated into an existing PBX system with SIP lines.